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Did you miss a webinar that would be valuable for your or a family member? The Genetic Cardiomyopathy Awareness Consortium has captured all of the content and questions for you with these past webinars: 

Help Us Save Lives – Become an Advocate

We are spreading the word about how Genetic Cardiomyopathy can save lives – and YOU can help! Learn how to join our Advocacy Army! By becoming an advocate for Genetic Cardiomyopathy, you can help us reach more people, share important information, and bring us closer to a future free from this devastating disease.

Understanding Cardiomyopathy Genetic Therapies

Our Hope for the Future

Cardiomyopathy, Genetics, and YOU

Learn about Getting Better Care, Getting Genetically Tested, and Getting More Involved. Hear from two cardiomyopathy patients and a certified cardiomyopathy genetic counselor. Topics include: 

  • Getting Better Care: How to find the best doctor(s) for your care and why this is so important
  • Getting Genetically Tested: Learn about the process to get genetically tested and what the results mean
  • Getting More Involved: Learn how patients can get more involved in the Genetic Cardiomyopathy Awareness campaign

Cardiomyopathy & Genetics – Get the Facts & Save Lives (the Launch of “GCAC”)

Learn about the important role of GENETICS in cardiomyopathy and celebrate the LAUNCH of the Genetic Cardiomyopathy Awareness Consortium (“GCAC”), getting more people genetically tested to save lives and advance therapies! In this webinar, you will hear from other cardiomyopathy patients and learn about:

  • The role genetics plays in cardiomyopathy
  • How easy and affordable it is to get genetically tested
  • How this potentially could save your life and your family’s lives. 

Together, we can make a difference!

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